order_of_the_phoenix: ({B R A V E} Ha!)
Riddle ([personal profile] order_of_the_phoenix) wrote2012-04-02 03:06 pm

Ideas~ OCs.

Sera | Phoenix | Fina | Ardere~ A phoenix who can turn into a woman. She has lived 3,512 years (to be exact) and she has seen (and been apart of) the Egyptian society, Minoan society, Grecian society, Roman society, Germanic society/societies and, now, the English society since she is living in London.

Journals~ [personal profile] cycleofrebirth (on LJ and DW) & [profile] flutingsongs (only on LJ).

Raidne~ A syren/siren who has lived since ancient Grecian times. She has lured many sailors to their deaths. (I will expand on her history eventually.)

Widow Skimmer~ A faery who possesses dragonfly wings, is outwardly sexless and mostly clothed in his own silver hair. I took the idea from a short passage in a Mercedes Lackey book, but his personality is all mine.

Journal~ [profile] dragonflybeing

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